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Sismicité sur la côte Ligure
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Réponses sur la sismicité régionale
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Sladen Anthony

Anthony Sladen’s homepage

Student ?

 ► Always new project ideas for masters and PhD students so feel free to contact me to investigate possible options.

 ► Envie de faire un master ou une thèse sur les séismes et les tsunami, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.


Simulation of the tsunami generated by the 2011, Mw9.0, Tohoku-Oki earthquake, Japan


My list of publication is accessible via the Géoazur database or the Google scholar webpage

Research Interests

► Imaging earthquake source complexity (2011 Japan earthquake animation),

► Seismic cycle (simple illustration of the concept, with GPS),

► Inverse problems,

► Seismic and tsunami waveform simulation,

► Seafloor distributed sensing using fibre optics,

► Tsunami hazard evaluation,

► Ionospheric perturbations caused by earthquakes and tsunami

Research projects

2015-2019 : E-POST project funded by ANR JC (PI :M.Vergnolle) to study early-postseismic transients. In charge of WP2.

2014-2019 : Hydroseis project funded by ANR JC (PI : F.Cappa). The main objective is to improve our understanding of the role of fluids on the rupture of earthquake faults.

2013-2017 : TWIST project funded by Office of Naval Research, USA (PI :Ph.Lognonné) TWIST stands for "Tsunami Warning and Ionosphere Seismic Tomography".

2012-2014 : "SEAFOOD starter" funded by INSU-CNRS, Géoazur and OCA (PI : A.Sladen). SEAFOOD stands for "SEA­-bottom Fiber­ Optic Observatory for distributed Deformation measurements".

2011-2013 : TO-EOS funded by ANR (PI : A.Sladen). Project involving French (IPG Paris, ENSG, CEA) and Japanese Institutes (ERI Tokyo, GSI Japan) to study the 2001, Mw9.0 Tohoku (Japan) earthquake.

Professional Experience

2011-present : CNRS Researcher Géoazur Institute - University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, FR

2010-2011 : Research scientist, California Institute of Technology, CA, USA

2007-2009 : Postdoctoral fellow, California Institute of Technology, CA, USA

2005-2007 : Postdoctoral fellow, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Arpajon, France

Academic Career

2005 Ph.D from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris and University d’Orsay-Paris XI (doctoral degree in geophysics). Supervisor : Professor Raùl Madariaga

Student Advising


Quentin Bletery (2012-2015) "Probabilistic and multi-data analysis of large earthquakes source physics"

Théa Ragon (2016-)


► Mathilde Banjan (2017), co-head with Lucie Rolland (Géoazur)

 "Impact of seismic rupture parameters on tsunami-generated ionospheric signatures"

► Lionel Matteo (2016),

 "Re-evaluation of scaling laws from systematic analysis of global seismic catalogues"

► Edwyn de la Vega (2013), co-advised with Mathilde Vergnolle (Géoazur)

"Post-seismic slip of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake constrained by GPS data"

► Jean-Baptiste Ammirati (2011), co-advised with Martin Vallée (IPGP)

"Etude de la variabilité des propriétés de la source sismique : Application
aux séismes majeurs de subduction (Mw≥7) entre 1994 et 2011


► Enzo d’Ambrosio, Ayoub Houkmi and Bahia Benmbarek (2015), co-advised with Lucie Rolland and Clément Courde (Géoazur)

"Simulation de tsunami en laboratoire et mesure par corrélation d’images optiques"

► Marie Montero, Elliott Lourel and Massamba Thiam (2016), co-advised with Lucie Rolland (Géoazur)

"Simulation de tsunami en laboratoire et mesure par corrélation d’images optiques"

Activities at Géoazur

2015-today : Member of the Comité National des Astronomes et Physiciens (CNAP), section Terre Interne 

2014-today : Member of the scientific committee of the Côte-d’Azur Observatory (OCA)

2012-today : Member of the CPRH advisory committee (scientific HR of University of Nice),

2012-2015 : In charge of the Géoazur seminars.

2012-2014 : Member of the Géoazur steering committee,

2012-2014 : co-head of the Géoazur team "Dynamique des Failles et de Séismes"

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