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Sismicité sur la côte Ligure
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vendredi 13 juillet 2012
Sismologie dans le Golfe de Corinthe
A post-doctoral position is available at Géoazur (Fault and Earthquake Dynamics Team) from the beginning of October and during 17 months. The proposed research will be dedicated to the (...) lire la suite de l'article
vendredi 2 septembre 2011
FILLED : Two Post-Docs in the GLOBALSEIS Project
We are looking for two postdocs to join the ERC-funded Globalseis project. In this project we develop a new generation of global tomographic models that take finite-frequency effects (...) lire la suite de l'article
mercredi 26 août 2009
FILLED : Post-Docs in the GLOBALSEIS Project
The ERC-funded project GLOBALSEIS has the dual goals to combine finite-frequency body wave data with low-frequency seismic observations in a multiscale global tomographic (...) lire la suite de l'article